We are a collective group of innovative and passionate music creators

who strive to write and produce the highest level of original material.  

Let's meet the team

Alix is the founder of Original Studios.

Amongst other genres, Alix is in his element when writing and producing for a film, TV, sync and digital applications.

Here is a showreel of Alix's cinematic work:

Alix Original

Sam is well known for being a master of the bass guitar. 

Sam writes, produces and performs around the world with artists such as Clean Bandit, Moss Kena and Raleigh Richie.

Here's one of the tracks that Sam's been involved with.

Sam Skirrow

Emma is a songwriter, pop artist, producer and streaming superstar.

Emma is endorsed by YouNow and plays her music to hundreds of thousands of people every week.

Check out Emma's latestest single. 


Emma McGann

Songwriting and Production Company

D Rock is an incredible guitarist and an amazing writer.

D Rock writes, produces and performs with artists such as MNEK,

Anne - Marie, Chris Loco and UNCON.

Here is a track that he has recently been involved with.

D Rock

Mike Lawetto

Lawetto is one of the most creative producers you will ever meet. From Indy Rock to Pop to Orchestral, Lawetto has it all covered.

His latest Indy Rock project,

'Well Done You', already has Kerrang Radio absolutely buzzing .

Here is his latest song, Thank You Very Much George.

Matthew Cotterill

Matthew is a phenomenal record producer

and soundscape king.

Matt really cares about every single detail of sound used in a song and with out fail, always delivers the highest of standards to produce the best records. 

Check out his latest collaboration with artist, Joe Dolman 

Teddy Gristle

Teddy is not only a successful writer and producer, but is an exceptional mix and master engineer.  

Teddy has been recently working with some of best in the industry and has some amazing releases lined up.

Stay Tuned!

James Plester is a Sound Genius.

Plester produces, mixes and masters for a wide variety of corporate clients and also produces all of Emma McGann's music.

Here is a song James that has produced, mixed and mastered.

James Plester

Jai'O is an accomplished artist/ writer/ producer and an exceptional vocal arranger.

Recently He has been working on music for TV and Film.

He also has recently released a new single called Down For The Weekend.

         Jai' O

James is an exceptional drummer and awesome music producer.

James is currently working along side the Adelaides who have recently supported Jess Glynne.

James produces music for TV and Sync.

Here is a video of him drumming to one of his latest tracks for Sync.

James Burgess